President Barack Obama


Energy and Environment


The White House - Energy and the Environment


Supports the $825 billion fiscal recovery package, American Recovery and Reinvestment Act of 2009 (ARRA), includes $54 billion in incentives for renewable energy and energy efficiency. ARRA includes:

  • Investment in smart-grid technologies
  • Loan guarantees for renewable energy and transmission
  • Energy efficiency help to state and local governments
  • Retrofits to federal buildings
  • Home weatherization, targeted at low-income families
  • Carbon sequestration
  • Loans, guarantees and grants to automobile battery-makers
  • Several other provisions for efficiency and electric or alternative-fuel vehicles

Supports 10 year $150 billion program to create 5 million green jobs

Supports windfall profits tax on oil companies

Good on the global warming issue (except for auctioning offsets)

Supports Cap-and-Trade for Global Warming mitigation

Opposed expanding offshore oil drilling (changed position)

Opposes drilling in Arctic National Wildlife Reserve (ANWR)

Pro cellulosic ethanol production

Supports Production of Coal-To-Liquid (CTL)

Luke warm on nuclear power (opposes reprocessing)

Opposes Yucca Mountain

Opposed temporary suspension of federal gasoline tax

Supports Renewables Portfolio Standards

Voted FOR Energy Policy Act of 2005

Missed vote on Energy Independence & Security Act of 2007

Opposed Global Warming Legislation in Illinois State Senate in 1997

Opposed tapping Strategic Petroleum Reserve (Changed Position)

Supported Financial Bailout Bill (Included Renewables Tax Package)