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ORGANIZATION Responded Did Not Respond Refused To Respond Score
American Oceans Campaign Oceana        
American Rivers        
Chesapeake Bay Foundation     Refused To Respond POOR
Conservation Fund        
Defenders of Wildlife        
Environmental Defense


Environmental Law Institute


Environmental Working Group        
Friends of the Earth        
Izaak Walton League


League of Conservation Voters        
National Audubon Society        
National Environmental Trust        
Nature Conservancy YES     POOR
National Parks Conservation Assoc        
National Wildlife Federation        
Natural Resources Defense Council


Physicians for Social Responsibility        
Sierra Club KIND OF     POOR
U.S. Public Interest Research Group        
Wilderness Society        
World Resources Institute YES     GOOD
World Wildlife Fund        


ORGANIZATION Contact Address Telephone/Fax Email
American Oceans Campaign


Shirley Milton, Director of Human Resources 2501 M Street, NW Washington DC 20037-1311 202-833-3900 202-833-2070 info@oceana.org
American Rivers Rebecca Wodder, President 1025 Vermont Ave, NW Washington DC 20005 202-347-7550 202-347-9240 amrivers@amrivers.org
Chesapeake Bay Foundation Will Baker, President 6 Herdon Avenue, Annapolis, MD21403 410-269-0481 chesapeake@cbf.org
Conservation Fund Lawrence Selzer, President 1800 North Kent St, Suite 1120, Arlington, VA 22209-2156 703-525-6300 703-525-4610 postmaster@conservationfund.org
Defenders of Wildlife Rodger Schlickeisen 1130 17th St NW Washington DC 20030 202-682-9400 info@defenders.org
Earthjustice Deborah Reames, Managing Attorney 426 17th St, 6th Floor, Oakland, CA 94612-2820 510-550-6700 510-550-6740 eajus@earthjustice.org
Environmental Defense Fred Krupp, President 257 Park Avenue South, NY,NY 10010 212-505-2100 212-505-2375 members@environmentaldefense.org
Environmental Law Institute Leslie Carothers 1616 P St, NW Suite 200 Washington DC 20036 202-939-3800 202-939-3868 law@eli.org
Environmental Working Group Richard Wiles, Senior Vice President 1436 U St, NW, Suite 100, Washington DC 20009 202-667-6982 202-232-2592 info@ewg.org
Friends of the Earth Brent Blackwelder, President 1717 Mass Ave NW Suite 600 Washington DC 20036-2002 877-843-8687 202-783-0444 foe@foe.org
Greenpeace Nick Passacantando, President 702 H St NW Washington DC 20001 202-462-1177  
Izaak Walton League Paul Hansen, Executive Director 707 Conservation Lane Gaitherburg, MD 20878 301-548-0150 301-548-0146 general@iwla.org
League of Conservation Voters Deb Callahan, President 1920 L St NW Suite 800 Washington DC 20036 202-785-8683 202-835-0491  
National Audubon Society John Flicker, President 700 Broadway, NY, NY 10003 212-979-3000 212-979-3188 jbianchi@audubon.org
National Environmental Trust Jeff Wise, Policy Director 1200 18th St NW #500 Washington DC 20002 202-887-8800 202-887-8877  
Nature Conservancy Steve McCormick, CEO 4245 N. Fairfax Dr Suite 100 Arlington VA 22203-1606 703-841-5300 comment@tnc.org
National Parks Conservation Assoc Thomas Kiernan, President 1300 19th St NW Suite 300 Washington DC 20036 800-628-7275 202-659-0650 npca@npca.org
National Wildlife Federation Larry Schweiger, President 11100 Wildlife Ctr Dr Reston, VA 20190-5362 703-438-6000 schweiger@nwf.org
Natural Resources Defense Council John Adams, President Frances Beinecke, Executive Director 40 West 20th St, NY, NY 10011 Wash DC Regional Ofc 1200 New York Ave NW Suite 400 Washington DC 20005 212-727-2700 212-727-1773 nrdcinfo@nrdc.org
Physicians for Social Responsibility Robert Musil, Executive Director 1875 Conn Ave, NW Suite 1012 Washington DC 20009 202-667-4260 202-667-4201 psrnatl@psr.org
Sierra Club Carl Pope, Executive Director 85 Second St, 2nd Floor, San Francisco, CA 94105 415-977-5500 415-977-5799 information@sierraclub.org
U.S. Public Interest Research Group Gene Karpinski, Executive Director 218 D St SE 20003 202-546-9707 202-546-2461 uspirg@pirg.org
Wilderness Society Bill Meadows, President 1615 M St NW Washington DC 20036 800-843-9453 bill.meadows@tws.org
World Resources Institute Jonathan Lash 10 G St NE Washington DC 20002 202-729-7600 202-729-7610 aamor@wri.org
World Wildlife Fund William Reilly, Chairman 1250 25th St. NW P.O.Box 97180 Washington DC 20090-7180 202-293-4800  

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info@oceana.org, amrivers@amrivers.org, chesapeake@cbf.org, postmaster@conservationfund.org, info@defenders.org, eajus@earthjustice.org, members@environmentaldefense.org, law@eli.org, info@ewg.org, foe@foe.org, general@iwla.org, jbianchi@audubon.org, comment@tnc.org, npca@npca.org, psrnatl@psr.org, information@sierraclub.org, uspirg@pirg.org, bill.meadows@tws.org, deb_Callahan@lcv.org, felicia_lopez@environmentaldefense.org, fkrupp@environmentaldefense.org, john.passacantando@wdc.greenpeace.org, ken@ewg.org, melanie.griffin@sierraclub.org, mshaffer@defenders.org, phansen@iwla.org, Tkiernan@npca.org, cehn@cehn.org, supporter.services@ams.greenpeace.org, comment@tnc.org, smilton@oceana.org, irenaud@oceana.org, mcoda@tnc.org, dvarnado@tnc.org, hwhite@ewg.org,


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